Advancing Your Manufacturing Business

The Tri-State Manufacturers Resource Group (TMRG) is a cross functional industry trade group that focuses on the needs of manufacturers in the Tri-State region of Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana.

We help B2B clients develop solutions that streamline business and manufacturing processes to provide optimal profitability for their companies.

To stay at the top of our game, we proactively share manufacturing best practices with team members. Whether highlighting team members’ state-of-the-art custom solutions or sharing the expertise of manufacturing thought leaders with one another, our team embraces a cross functional approach to provide thoughtful, integrated solutions to manufacturers in the Tri-State region.

Our Services

Production & Supply Chain

What keeps you up at night at your manufacturing operations? An over packed schedule, downtime in your plant, overpaying suppliers for your logistics, a growing unresolved project list, IT related issues?

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Workforce Development

With unemployment moving below 4%, labor participation remaining flat, and a skill gap of 6MM unfilled positions, hiring, developing, and retaining the talent needed to produce and deliver goods is a strategic priority for most manufacturers.

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Customer Acquisition

By looking at REVENUE as a story of the customer journey, we can create new paths to drive sales.

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Safety & Security

Maintaining safety and manufacturing facilities requires a multi-pronged approach including a focus on employee safety, facilities safety, and cybersecurity.

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Succession Planning

Starting and growing a business usually involves a fair amount of sweat and sacrifice. Yet many    entrepreneurs who have spent years building successful businesses would rather have root canal than undertake the often painstaking process of succession planning.

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