Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

By looking at REVENUE as a story of the customer journey, we can create new paths to drive sales. Starting with your P&L statement we uncover:

  • Perfect customer targets
  • Thought Leadership Positioning to attract targeted customers and drive organic search results
  • New tactics to leverage existing products and service
  • Templated Marketing, Sales and Customer Service processing
  • Campaigns to lower customer acquisition costs
  • Fresh brand strategy to excite your market and differentiate
  • Visual storytelling with video

Start with a REVENUE Strategy Session Today

Our cross functional team has experience attracting inbound prospects, lead nurturing, and designing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to enhance page rank. We know how to competently deploy CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – including driving organizational buy-in for the new systems. Whether communicating your message through video or the written word, we know how to effectively attract and engage manufacturing audiences.

Predictable, reproducible marketing that highlights your products including methods for calculating ROI at trade shows

TMRG works to optimize marketing spend by comprehensively approaching marketing campaigns. We prove why industrious manufactures attend tradeshows by employing software applications driving attendee engagement and capturing contact information with automations.

REVENUE Strategies that Work

To normalize predictable production runs, our group of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service subject matter experts are building strategy sessions to illuminate dependable positive cash flow tactics.

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