Production & Supply Chain

Production & Supply Chain

What keeps you up at night at your manufacturing operations? An over packed schedule, downtime in your plant, overpaying suppliers for your logistics, a growing unresolved project list, IT related issues?

The TMRG Production and Supply Chain group has the experience, expertise and resources to be a seamless extension of your team. With over a hundred years of experience in Plant Location planning, Quality and Lean Manufacturing, IT and Telephony, Logistics, Software Solutions and Integration, help and advice is available in many areas:

  • Problem Solving and Resourcing
    Having an experienced team to call on to discuss problems and look for likely options for solutions is invaluable.
  • Digitization
    Starting and continuing the process of transforming all paper and processes into electronic systems
  • IT Support
    Having resources to help with immediate fires (problems), ongoing support and long term strategic planning is critical. Especially with many of the standards and regulations that have to be met. A strong IT presence makes all the difference with plant uptime and safety concerns.
  • Cost Savings
    Looking at how things are done holistically and figuring out based on experience and current best practices how to make impactful changes that impact the bottom line.
  • Loss Elimination
    Continuous improvement in manufacturing operations is an ongoing process. It has many stops and starts and can sometimes be very frustrating. Using either an operational excellence approach or a digital transformation approach is highly effective at developing a loss elimination program.
  • Convenience
    One of the foundations of TMRG is providing trusted resources that can either directly help or provide pre-vetted referrals for additional help. The Production and Supply Chain group understands the scope of what manufacturers are facing from an operational perspective. We have helped countless manufacturers achieve their production optimization goals and are eager to apply our expertise to help your organization thrive.

Some next steps. Depending on how you would like to engage you can schedule a brief meeting with a particular Production and Supply Chain TMRG member or begin discussions with the group. Our view is to grow a long term strategic partnership where we are able to help you meet the priorities of your role and be a partner in the .

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