Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Maintaining safety and manufacturing facilities requires a multi-pronged approach including a focus on employee safety, facilities safety, and cybersecurity.

Employee Safety

The objective of plant safety is to keep all employees safe while on the job.  State and federal regulations establish minimum safety standards, including OSHA and NFPA. Using these standards as a guideline, it is the employer’s ultimate responsibility to create a safe and productive work environment for employees.  Here are just a few of the benefits of investing in employee safety:

  • Decreased insurance rates
  • Decreased workers compensation rates
  • Fewer lost-time accidents
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater employee morale and loyalty

Although complying with the administrative needs of insurance policies can be time-consuming, insurance companies want to ensure that your facility and your employees are safe. As an incentive for effectively implementing employee safety procedures, insurance companies  reward companies with a good safety record by offering them reduced insurance rates. Likewise, if your workers compensation insurance filings are lower than the filings of comparable companies, your workers compensation premiums may be decreased as well.

Finally, what’s the true cost of a workplace accident?  Sure, workers compensation will cover the immediate costs of medical bills and lost wages, but IN the end if your workers’ comp rates go up it’s you who’s paying those costs.  These costs extend beyond medical bills. Injured workers also impact productivity. Lost productivity can result from:

  • Who does the work of an injured key employee while the employee recuperates?
  • Will a temporary, less skilled replacement employee because productivity to suffer?
  • What will it cost in overtime to have another operator make sure the injured employee’s work gets done?

All in all, there are multiple costs associated with workplace injuries but these can all be offset by deploying sensible safety precautions including the following:

  • Fire/Alarm Panels
  • Fire Sprinklers, Fire Hydrants, and Pumps
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Environmental health and safety monitoring
  • Emergency notification systems

Facilities Security

Plant security is another way to keep your people and property safe while simultaneously decreasing your operating costs.  Our security solutions not only help you control access to your plant, but they also provide a way to monitor the movement of people and material throughout your facility.  Some of our solutions include:

  • Door and badge access control
  • Video camera/recording systems
  • RFID asset tracking

Cyber Security

Stories of digital virus outbreaks, cryptolockers, and ransomware are common in the news today.  Unfortunately, the most sophisticated digital terrorists have realized that it’s much more lucrative to attack manufacturing equipment than it is to attack standard computer systems.  In 2010, the Stuxnet virus was blamed for the destruction of multiple industrial SCADA systems.  Two years later the “Flame” virus was found to be covertly removing sensitive documents – mostly CAD drawings and PDFs – from businesses and sending them out to Internet control servers.

Hackers are getting smarter and smarter. Most companies need help defending themselves.  Our cyber security experts help manufacturers with the following:

  • Protect and monitor your computer systems for malicious and accidental threats
  • Create backup and disaster recovery strategies to maximize computer system uptime
  • Securely pull production information off the floor for advanced insights and analytics
  • Provide your mobile and remote employees with secure remote access to the enterprise for productivity on the go
  • Keep your computer systems up and running so you can make, pack, and ship product

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